Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Green........

Boston Chauffeur has recently added hybrid vehicles in Boston & New York. The move was part of the company’s green initiative to replace its existing fleet with environmentally friendly vehicles.

“As our vehicles come up for renewal,” said David Loper, Boston Chauffeur's Fleet Director, “we are replacing them with hybrid and other alternative fuel vehicles.”

Already in use is the Lexus RX 400H Hybrid & Honda Accord. Over the next several months further purchases will ensue, including the GMC Flex Fuel Yukons and Bio-Diesel fueled Mini-Coaches.

"Boston Chauffeur's goal is to become a more environmentally conscious corporation,” said Boston Chauffeur's GM Mark Kini. “We are mindful of the impact our vehicles have on the environment and we are committed to doing everything we can to reduce greenhouse gases.”

Earlier this year, Boston Chauffeur moved to create a series of green initiatives that would eliminate and/or minimize those business practices which had an adverse effect on the earth’s natural resources. The company’s primary initiative was to increase the number of fuel efficient vehicles in its fleet. The incredible popularity and lackluster gas mileage of the SUV made it the most logical place to start. The flex fuel Suburban runs on gasoline and E85 Ethanol, which uses a cleaner-burning fuel made from U.S. grown biomaterial such as corn and other grain products.
Boston Chauffeur continues to investigate the market for fuel friendly vehicles that will best suit the needs of their clients, the environment, and alternative fuel availability.

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