Friday, August 31, 2012

As promised...BBQ pics!

 Our Grill Master and all-around awesome guy, senior chauffeur Tom Moore!

 Even our furry family members got involved! This is Bailey the Beagle, who is
the four-legged child of Reservations Manager, Kristen DeSimone

Back row, L-R: Bruce Borr, senior chauffeur; Dustin O'Neill, General Manger; Mark Kini, Owner; Billy Freeman, senior chauffeur; Ed Murray, senior chauffeur;
Shawn Sanborn, lead dispatcher; Tom Moore, senior chauffeur.
Front row, L-R: Guy Marden, senior chauffeur; Carol's friend; Carol Akeley, overnight dispatcher.

 Ed Murray, senior chauffeur; Mark Kini, owner; Greg Hawes, dispatch manager
(Mrs. Murray in the foreground)

Billy Freeman and Bruce Borr,
chauffeurs extraordinairre!

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