Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Train travel starting to dominate the Northeast Corridor

If you have traveled in and out of Logan Airport you know what the traffic, long lines, and irritable travelers can be like. Our chauffeurs know Logan Airport better than most anybody so they understand when they have a harried traveler on board. We try to make it as easy and as efficient as possible for you to locate your chauffeur and be on your way.

Did you know, though, that if you were to travel Amtrak out of any of the major Boston area stations all of these hassles would virtually disappear? It is true. You won't have to arrive hours ahead of your departure just to wait in long lines to deal with surly security personnel. And the best part is, when you arrive back at the station you can leisurely walk outside and your trusted Boston Chauffeur driver will be waiting there for you, curbside!

Amtrak service, particularly among the lucrative Boston - New York - Washington DC route has grown exponentially in the past decade. Here is a great article about it: Frustrations of Air Travel Push Passengers to Amtrak.

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